Olga Jitlina (Zhitlina) – artist

born in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) – 18.04.1982

Adress: 197348 Bogatirskiy prospect, d.7 korpus 5, kv. 282, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Tel. 78123945841
Mobile tel. +79045121228


graduated from The University of Jewish Studies – 2005 (philology)
graduated from the Russian Academy of Art – 2007 (theory and history of art)


selected exhibitions, festivals, screening:

2,3.12.2015 — “Translation” theatre performance in collaboration with Lampedusa in

Hamburg group, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

20-21.11. 2015 – “Benjamin Choir” in collaboration with Alejandro Ramirez Narraccje 7 festival,

Gdansk, Poland

1.05.2015-20.05.2015 — Lunch Break International, exhibition with participation of Anna

Tereshkina, Yekaterina Sytnik, Jon Irigoyen and others, D.K. Roza, St-Petersburg

8.03.2015-21.03.2015 — The Land of Opportunities, Voronezh Center for Contemporary

Art, Voronezh

20.01.2015 – 20.03.2015 – “Tales of Two Cities”, Jewish Museum, Vienna
16.09.2014 – 5.10.2014 – “Tales of Two Cities”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art
02.10.2014 – Komentatorki / Women Commentators FESTIVAL, Królikarnia,Warsaw
12.07.2014 – “Hodja Nasreddin Joke Contest”, St-Petersburg, Manifesta10 Public Programm
29.06.2014 – 19.07.2014 – In Translation, Centre for Art and Music of the Vladimir Mayakovsky Library, St-Petersburg
18.06.2014-02.07.2014 – “Project with an Accent”, Open Scene Theatre, Moscow
07. 10. 2013 – “VIDEO AIR”, Galerie ArtPoint, Vienna, Austria
5.10.2013 – “Compromise”, Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy
1–30.09.2013 – “World of Tango Art Weeks”, Tampere, Finland
7.02.2013 – “Pussy Riot and the Tradition of Russian Artistic Protest”, MeatFactory, Prague
30.01.13 – Living as Form (The Nomadic Version), Fabrika Center for Creative Industries, Moscow
21.11.12 – online play Week of Silence, Cable Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
7.11.12 ― 2.12.12 Revolution in the Net, Cable Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
18.10.2012 – DIE WELT BEWEGT SICH. МИР ДВИГАЕТСЯ, Planetarium, Nizhniy Novgorod
20-22.09.12 – presentation of 2-nd edition of board game “Russia, the Land of Opportunity” in the Artprospect festival of public art, Saint-Petersburg
23.09.2012 – “The Most Tolerant Courtyard of Saint-Petersburg” performance in the Artprospect festival of public art, Saint-Petersburg
25.07.12 – “The Silent Week” media-play by Olga Jitlina performed in New Holland by Katja Sytnik and Kirill Adibekov, Saint-Petersburg
26.04.-07.06.2012 – “Happiness is a warm gun”, Rizzordi Art Foundation, Saint-Petersburg
8.03.12 – “The Silent Week” – media-play by Olga Jitlina at Muzeon sculpture park, performed by Katja Sytnik and Kirill Adibekov, Moscow
8.02.12 – Screening of the film “Editing based on “Three Songs about Lenin” by D. Vertov “ by Olga Jitlina and Kirill Adibekov, “Poriadok Slov” bookshop, Saint-Petersburg ,
18.12.11 – “Me-gration”, a video presentation and roundtable discussion (“How to Work with Migrants? Ethics and the Politics of the Image”) Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center , Moscow
18.12.11 – Presentation of Migrant Labor Board Game “Russia, The Land of Opportunity”, Artek, St-Petersburg
23.09.11 – “Gute Aussichten”, Special project at Moscow Biennale
04.07.10- 08.08.10 – “GLOB(E)SCAPE”,ARTPLAY Design center , Biennale of Young Art, Moscow
10.06.2010 – 28.06.2010 – “Hydroponics”, Perm
12.09 – 02.10 – “Otnositel’nye svjazi”, Loft project Etazhi, Saint-Petersburg
12.09 – 01.10 – Amsterdam Biennale, Saint-Petersburg pavilion.
October 2009 – screening at Kunsthalle, Tallin, exhibition hall, Narva, Estonia, within the exhibition of Eleonore de Montesquiou
10.08.09 – 06.09.09 – “Special program of The Annual Festival Of
Private Contemporary Art Collections”, Fabrika, Moscow. Videoart Archive CYLAND ”
08.09 – Re:Re: Residence Revisited, Gryaznaya galereya, Saint-Peterburg
30.06. – 15.07. 09 – “The Space of Quite”, “Krasnoye Znamya” factory, Saint-Peterburg
March 2009 – “Ark” Russian Center for Science and Culture in Finland, Helsinki
February 2008 – “Subjective Landscapes” Center for Contemporary Art of S. Kuryokhin, Saint-Petersburg
November 2008 – “Video Zahvat”, Nepokorennie Open Studios, Saint-Petersburg
October 2008 – Orebro International Video Art Festival, Orebro, Sweeden
July 2008 – “Pro Eto” as part of “Stoj, kto idet?!” Biennale of Young Art, National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
July 2008 – “Ostatochnie Izluchenia”, as part of “Stoj, kto idet?!” Biennale of Young Art, Vinzavod art-center, Moscow
May 2008 – “Acclimatization”, CAG gallery, Saint-Petersburg
March-April 2008 – “Memory of the Fields”, Etazhi art-center, Saint-Petersburg
August 2007 – “Notes from the overpass”, a group exhibition of young artist from Saint-Petersburg and Los-Angeles, G18 gallery, Helsinki
May 2007 – Kommissia festival, Moscow
May 2006 – Izolenta digital film festival, Saint-Petersburg
May 2005 – Kommissia festival, Moscow
November 2005 – “Olga Jitlina, Katia Sytnik, Amy Pieters”, Druzhba art center, Saint-Petersburg


selected public talks, lectures and conferences:

15.11.2014 – Creative Time Summit, Stockholm
5.11.2014 – Artist’s Kuvataideakatemia Wednesday Lecture Club, Helsinki
31.01.13 – Artist’s talk in the frame of “Leaving as Form” project, Fabrika, Moscow
22.03.12 – Artist’s talk at “Pedagofical Poem” project, Presnya Museum, Moscow
2.01.12 – Presentation of projects of the residency program “Artist-Society” ArtPlay Design Center, Moscow
24-26.11.11 ― Conference «Artist-Society – Reflecting Interaction” Kyrgyz National Art Museum, Byshkek, Kyrgystan
28.05.11 – YouthArtCamp,Almaty, Kazakhstan
February 2008 – “Introduction into Game Art”, “Subjective Landscapes” Center for Contemporary Art of S. Kuryokhin, Saint-Petersburg
October 2008 – “History of Video Art”, series of lectures at Nepokorennie 17, Open Studios
September 2008 – “The Classics of Video Art”, lecture in The twelfth festival of television programs and films “The Golden Drum”, Town of Khanty-Mansiysk
July 2008 – “Video Game Art of the Last Decade”, lecture in the conference “Videogames and Contemporary Art” in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

awards, grants and art-residencies:

March-April 2015 — Saari Residence, Finland

Akademie der Künste der Welt grant 2014
Winner of concurs for Olga Lopukhova grant for UNIDEE in Residence International Program
Finalist of the Henkel Prize 2012
Winner of CEE Young Artist’s Prize 2012
October-December 2013 – Kulturkontact residency, Vienna, Austria
12 June – 12 October 2013 – UNIDEE in Residence International Program at Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy
May.2013 – Platform Shtab in art-residency, Bihkek, Kyrgyzstan
05.10.12-05.11.12 – HIAP residency, Helsinki, Finland
July 2012 – TOKAMAK, HIAP, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland
October 2011 – Cyland media-art residency, Kronstadt island, St-Petersburg, Russia
September-October 2011 Artist-Society art-residency, Taboshar, Khudjand,Tajikistan

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